Brand New "PLYO-MECHANICAL" Method Of Vertical Jump Training

Secret combination of Vertical Mechanics, Jump Technique and Fast Action Plyometrics results in the most powerful instant vertical jump training ever seen.



What PlyoVertical Will Do For You 

PLYOVERTICAL is the ultimate vertical program. Taught by experts in jumping & proven to explode your jumping ability. 

Vertical mechanics is our innovative next level training that teaches jumping techniques never before used anywhere else in the world. In this program you will unlock hidden abilities within your muscles that you never knew existed before. Here's what you can expect:



Our unique combination of Jump Technique, Vertical Mechanics and “Fast Action” Plyos will  have you jumping 10+ inches higher, up to 3x FASTER than a standard vertical jump training program!  

When it comes to making your team, or standing out from the competition, you need to jump higher today - not “12 weeks” from now! (which is the length of most competing single tiered vertical jump programs)



Using our proprietary blend of jump technique, vertical mechanics and “fast action” plyometrics - you will gain immediate and noticeable explosiveness from your very first workout!  

PlyoVertical is aimed to develop your jumping mechanics while increase your power output, which is the ultimate combination in vertical jump training.



Training with PlyoVertical means you are training the only way the highest caliber athletes in the world train. You can of course expect to sky rocket your vertical jump and power output. 

But in order to do that - PlyoVertical will morph you into the best shape of your life. Expect to become quicker, more agile and stronger while you continue to improve your vertical jump!



Our Unique, Never Before Seen Combination Of Vertical Mechanics, Jump Technique and Fast Action Plyometrics activates your fast twitch muscle fibers, improves explosiveness, enhances hip flexor mobility and utilizes the correct vertical positions that unlocks hidden inches in your jumping ability.



Our Vertical Mechanics will train you to strike from the hips by stabilizing your core and keeping your body tall and legs under you while jumping. This will help you develop muscle memory in vertical mechanics and positioning. By doing this you'll increase your vertical jump immediately by adjusting your vertical jumping mechanics to “jump correct”.

When training you'll a sense of shock and even possibly SCARE yourself with a new found, higher vertical leap . You'll jump much higher than you’re use to, so landing can be a bit jarring. You’ll have a new sense of confidence as you shock your friends, coaches and parents within days of working on your vertical mechanics. You’ll notice a more aggressive, confident, and athletic player on the basketball court. 



Discover how to build fast twitch muscle fibers in the muscle groups most important in vertical jump with our Fast Action Plyos.

 By doing this you'll increase your explosivity and power by accelerating your explosiveness with Fast Action Plyos. You’ll feel an explosive reaction when you do plyos like a rubber band being stretched and then let go. The feeling of “bouncing” can lead to even a sense of floating in the air. Your muscles will feel extremely reactive and powerful. 

 Your confidence will soar as you feel more explosive using Fast Action Plyos. Once you complete a workout, your muscles will feel pumped with explosiveness and you may even feel your legs “tremble” much like a volcano before it erupts. The feeling of this level of explosiveness lets you know your training is something you’ve never felt before. It’s incredible.



By fixing your Approach also known as the "Run Up" you'll be able to add instant inches to your vertical jump. Did you know that 90% of jumping ability happens DURING the approach? Maximizing your approach is the foundation to a higher vertical jump. By fixing your approach you will instantly jump higher.

Inside of this section you'll discover how to master your approach so that you can maximize your vertical jump. This will have you feeling explosive, powerful, and “athletic” even before you ever leave the ground. Your ability to jump high is hidden within your APPROACH. 

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling sluggish and “stuck” to the ground. Never have the uncomfortable “unathletic” feeling when you run up to make an explosive jump. 



A great, explosive Take Off requires correct positioning and form. This is where our Vertical Mechanics in combination with our Take Off Techniques work together to explode your vertical jump.

Being in the right position and utilizing correct take off form allows you to execute higher jumps than ever before. From the moment you hit a perfect take off, you will never doubt your ability to jump again. Your highest jumps will be your easiest jumps because when you nail that take - you will fly.

Your hard work has paid off & Confidence will be at an all time high. You will be reluctant to show off your perfected skills with no doubts in mind. The past days of doubting your abilites are over.