New breakthrough in shooting training could help you...

Build Your Perfect Jump Shot In Less Than 7 Days!

You’re about to discover a breakthrough in basketball shooting training that could transform your shooting ability — in a matter of days.



I Love Basketball & Shotmechanics Present The Custom Shot Design Training System:


The Custom Shot Design Training System is a simple, step by step system that puts YOU in control of your own jump shot...

So that you can build a comfortable and consistent jump shot that helps you make more shots in real game situations.

Coach Collin worked hard to make this as easy to use as possible, for anyone, as long as you follow it step by step.

In fact, it’s important to know that through this training you are going to:

  • Skyrocket your shooting consistency so that you hit more shots than ever before and are in the zone every time you step on the court.

  • Boost your shooting range so that you can be a lights-out shooter from ANYWHERE on the court.

  • Raise your shooting confidence. Many players at all levels struggle with their shooting confidence but this system helps you avoid that.

  • Lightning Quick Shooting Speed so that you can develop a shot release that becomes unblockable and unstoppable even against the best defenders.

  • Increase Your Game Shooting Percentage... You’ll increase your percentage 10-20% in the very first week...

    You Can Transform Your Shot By Finding Your Perfect Shooting Form Right From Your House In Less Than 7 Days...

    You don’t need any extra equipment, gadgets, or machines.

    All you need is yourself, a basketball, and a hoop.

    Here’s what you get with the system...

     You get the entire 4 step process that reveals every step needed to build your own perfect jump shot including:

    PHASE ONE: Your Custom Shot Design To Become A Lights Out Shooter

  • In this phase Coach Collin walks you through the 7 essential steps that every shooter needs to have to be a lights out shooter.

  • Through science and research, Coach Collin discovered the 7 steps that you need to work on and then through backwards design he finds the little tweaks that bring HUGE results.

    PHASE TWO: Building Game Ready Muscle Memory

  • Remember the goal is not to become a great practice shooter but to become a great shooter in live game situations...

  • And that’s where muscle memory is so important. 

  • That's why this phase is so crucial.

  • Inside of this phase Coach Collin helps you build that game ready muscle memory so shooting well in real games becomes second nature.

    "The Key To Making More Shots Is To Master Your Target Lock"

    PHASE THREE: Targeting and Visual Development

  • In this phase Coach Collin focuses on optical optimization...

    Let me explain...

  • You see — the secret key that NBA players have been using for years to hit so many shots at such a high rate is the Target Lock.

  • Unfortunately, this is one of the things traditional coaches completely neglect when teaching shooting, simply because they have no idea it even exists.

  • So this phase is going to help you discover your Target Lock... 

  • Which is going to turbocharge your jump shot and increase your shooting percentage even more than ever.

    PHASE FOUR: Acceleration and Speed Formula To Increase Your Shot Release Speed and Quickness

    In this phase Coach Collin speeds it all up...

  • So that you have the lightning quick in-game shot release that can’t be blocked by anybody... no matter the defender's size, athleticism, or speed.

  • This last phase is crucial because even after mastering your perfect form, if your jump shot is slow then it doesn’t matter how perfect it is.

  • Once you ramp up the speed and acceleration of your shot release, you’re going to be able to take, and make, more shots in real games....

    Plus much, much more!