Start Getting By Defenders Anytime You Wish And
Never Worry About Losing The Ball Again!
(With GameTime Handles)



GameTime Handles


Defender Control Ball Handling System

Ultimate Ball Control and our never before seen “Defender Control Ball Handling System” that allows you to have the ball on a string and force the defender into a “watch and react mentality” allowing you to fully dictate how the defender guards you.. (not the other way around).


ATTACK Ball Handling

Discover how to ATTACK the defender, forcing them on their heels. ATTACK Ball Handling allows you to dictate how you are guarded. This gives you the ability to be comfortable and fully in control on the court.


Instantly Decide The Type of Defender Guarding You

Pinpoint and aggressively take advantage of the defender’s weaknesses. There are 4 types of on-ball defenders, GameTime Handles breaks down how to instantly decide the type of defender guarding you, and the exact move (or moves) you can use to beat them… anytime you choose.

These moves are unstoppable when used on the correct type of defender, and GameTime Handles provides the moves for every type of defender that will ever guard you.


Force Your Defender to Give You Space

Our Defender Control Ball Handling Training will install simple and effective ball handling moves that force your defender to give you space, never pressure you, or attempt to take the ball from you out of fear of getting beat.. Or even embarrassed.


Develop Ball Handling Confidence

Develop Ball Handling Confidence and Ball On A String Handles (That will actually show up during your games)

Game-Time Handles uses our never before seen game-specific style of “tabata”- in game simulation” ball handling training.

Using unique “burst handling” training to simulate real game ball handling situations, you’ll quickly develop ball handling confidence and control that WILL show up during your games.


Master Weak Hand Ball Handling

Develop your weak hand with in game tactics and techniques that allow you to actually use your weak hand as a STRENGTH against savvy defenders.